Careful now, my business relies on that builder...
Cool! Great! So you use a website builder. Not like WordPress or Joomla, those are CMS platforms. I mean website builder, Like Godaddy's GoCentral or's Builder provide for the prosumer to use. these things are everywhere and many good businesses rely on

These types of builders are great, easy to use, and you can do almost anything with them. but are they really good for your business? Let's take a look.

The Good
Website building platforms are usually affordable and full featured which allow you to get the most out of your site, from sliders, newsletter email collection forms, and responsive design (mobile websites). In addition to that, most providers will give you a few email addresses too. It's great for small businesses to help get themselves off and running. It sounds a bit perfect, you get a website and email that you can promote and put on your business cards. This is exactly what a business needs this day in age.

but... and there's always one of those isn't there...

The Bad

What's under the hood of these builders? It's often the case that the code that makes up the site is often bulky and won't always adhere to best practice and standards. This can have several unintended effects on your site, as it can be hard to troubleshoot issues you may have, or the site will simply run and load slowly due to the un-optimized code.

SEO will also be a concern. Many of the builders you'll find won't allow you to change and update SEO tags as you may need to. Much of SEO relies on content refreshes, that's often accomplished with a blog. Many builders won't integrate with the blog directly. You'll end up with, if it's on a different server (which it most certainly will be), then you won't get all the SEO benefits. Besides the blog, you might find it hard to edit tags directly, which means Google won't know how often to crawl your website.

So you'll have an amazing website- but can anybody find it?

So what's the best use case?
Website building platforms are great as temporary sites while a full site is being built, or as roadmaps to give to your web developer so they can see your vision. They also serve as a great introduction on how hard managing a website can really be.

We offer developement and design services, if you're ready to update your site, or if your ready to move off one of these builders, feel free to contact us on our Website or contact us on social media! (Facebook/Twitter)

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