Here's What Happens...
So you start your business, and get a website. Hooray! You probably called GoDaddy or Bluehost (or a similar company) to get your hosting and website setup. Now the salesperson probably offered you the works- web hosting, SSL, email, and hopefully backups. it can seem like a huge cost and overwhelming. I can tell you from personal experience working for a hosting provider that backups are always the first thing to be go.

You probably did the same thing, an extra $2-$5 a month might be a dent in the monthly cost of a new business when you're already paying $20-$30 a month for the email and the website. But what happens when the site goes down due to malicious users hacking the site, or an update failing. It's easy to have the "it won't happen to me" mentality. but I can speak from experience that it happens a lot. so let's look at where that goes.

The WORST Case Scenario
So let's go for the most common problem I've seen: You're using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla. It's time for an upgrade to the platform. So you press the little button in the admin panel that says "upgrade now". You wait 5 minutes, then- uh-oh, the website is down. You can't get to it, or the admin panel. That means customers can't see it either.

This is the moment when the panic sets in.

You'll spend the next hour trying to fix the files. in a super rare case, about 2% of the time, you'll bring the site back up. But the other 98% of the time you'll discover the error is actually in the database, the dynamic part of your site that can't be replicated by refreshing the files.

So it's time to call in the big guns- call your hosting provider and see what can be done. They inform you that you don't have back ups. one of two things is about to happen:

  1. You don't have backups, neither do they. So you've lost your site. You'll have to start from scratch.
  2. They do have backup, but there's a premium fee to get to them.

So if they don't have back ups, now you're in a scramble to rebuild your website. Depending on the size, you're down for 3-7 days. not good for a business of any size.

If the they do have back ups, but you're not already paying for the service, then you'll have to pay the premium restore fee. for Godaddy it's $150, for Bluehost it's the same. HostGator charges $300. Wow- that's going to eat into the budget. So you pay the fee and in about a day your site is back online. but it's come at a great cost.

All this trouble from just clicking that simple update button.

How to Avoid This Problem
Now I don't want to discourage you from running those updates. As a matter of security you should always be update to date. It prevents your site from being compromised. The best solution is to pay your hosting provider for daily/weekly backups. that $2-$5 a month for the back ups comes to $24-$50 a year, cheap insurance to make sure your site is back online quickly and without major cost. in most cases, you can perform the restore yourself. You won't even need to call the your hosting provider.

Key Points

  • Backups can see your business and your money.
  • paying the small monthly fee is better than not having any backups.
  • update your CMS, it's important for safety and security.

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