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Web Design

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Custom Coding Content Management Mobile Friendly

Do you need a website? Do you need help with your WordPress or Joomla? Our designers can make the perfect website for you or your business! We focus making our sites compatible between desktop and mobile, so you never have to worry about reaching your audience! Contact us today to get started!

Once we design and build your website, We can upload it to a host of your choosing. We also will host and maintain the site for you! We use fast SSD hosting from Digital Ocean, guaranteeing a fast and simple website experience.

Web Development

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Database management Javascript/Java Apps Monitoring

Sometimes you need a little more than a website. Some times you need a complex database, maybe an applet to make you business run better, or you just want to be in contol of what's happening on your website or network. Our web developers can make it happen! We are experienced in developing apps and tools to meet your needs. Just get in contact with a developer today to make your dream a reality!

We can integrate the your app or tool into your website, or provide it as a stand alone tool. Whatever the case maybe, We can't wait to start working with you!

Online Marketing


Now that you have a business and website, it's time to start drawing in new customers, and use our tools to keep them coming back! We use tools like Get Found and e-mail marketing to help you get and keep customers! We can manage website visits and make educated suggestions own how to grow your impressions. Weather it's getting found, or pay per click advertising contact us to get started on growing your presence.

We have all the tools to helping you accomplish your goals online, it's never a bad time to start! just call or email us to start finding new customers!

Contact Us

Do you want to find out more? are you ready to work with us? Then don't wait another minute, contact us now! We are available by email, or by phone (You can also text!). Our number is (623) 910-5825

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Our Team

Below you can meet our team and learn more about them! Our team of devolopers and designers are top notch and focused on you! click on a name to learn more.

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Mona Martin Josh Martin Will Bradley Shane Blissett

Content Manager

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About Us


Mona Started Bittersweet Pixels with her husband to help people make there internet dreams come true. While Mona is the owner, Josh helps co-run the business, and helps the developers and designers work with clients. Mona and Josh have a dog name Elwood, and a son name Gabriel.

Bittersweet Pixels Lives by a few core values:

Community is Key Our community is our lifeblood. We will always put our community first.
Never Stop Learning The minute you stop learning, you stop growing as a person.
Don't Compromise Never compromise who you are to please the other side.

We believe These are values for work and life, and we strive to live them everyday. We want to live these values and show that in our work and to our clients.